Timberline Play Equipment Repairs & Canvas Replacement

Do you have old playground equipment installed by Timberline Ltd? Timberline installations and maintenance is now handled by Peak Playgrounds Ltd. Ricky Wood, Managing Director of Peak Playgrounds was a Timberline inspector and installer prior to the company’s liquidation. We are experts in Timberline playground equipment, outdoor shelters and outdoor classrooms amd can repair, refurbish or replace timberline products when needed.

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(Please note that Peak Playgrounds is not owned or affiliated with Timberline Ltd. However we are using our experience of working for them to help their existing customers get the most out of equipment purchases)

Timberline Playground Equipment Repair
Playground equipment repair. New bridges and rockwall
timberline canvas repair

Timberline Playground Equipment Repair

Using our knowledge of Timberline products we can repair and refurbish old installations – extending their lifespan and saving you money. If your existing equipment is in need of attention or has been deemed unsafe we can help. We can either repair the existing equipment or replace it with our own high quality playground equipment.

Our refurbishment services include

  • Bridge replacement
  • Cargo net replacement
  • Play tower leg replacement (rotten leg replacement)
  • Panel replacement
  • Rockwall replacement
  • Safety surface repairs
  • Sanding and painting
  • Slide replacements
  • Swing seat and chain replacement
  • Inspection and recommission


If you spot a minor problem but there is no safety risk, please take some photos of the area of concern and contact us for advice. If you feel the equipment is no longer safe to use, please stop using the equipment immediately. A school or nursery may ask a supervisor to watch the children and prevent them from using the equipment. In a public space, the equipment may be cordoned off or a sign erected telling people to keep off until the issue has been rectified.


If your playground equipment needs urgent repair we offer a fast and responsive call out service. Our experts will inspect and repair any playground equipment you feel needs attention. We can also perform a full site inspection during the process to ensure your whole playground is safe to use.

Timberline Canvas Replacement

If you had a Timberline Gazova (Canvas Gazebo) or a Timberline Octagonal Pavilion with roll-down canvas panels they may be showing signs of age. We can replace canvas roofs and canvas panels like-for-like with minimal disruption. Simply tell us what colour canvas you need and what size shelter you have and we’ll provide replacement panels.

An experienced Peak Playgrounds consultant will visit your school or nursery so we can assess the rest of the structure for stability prior to replacing components.

Please get in touch if you would like some advice regarding an existing installation.

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