Is your playground equipment showing signs of wear or in need of a new coat of paint? We can help brighten things up with our full playground refurbishment service.

Our philosophy is to refurbish and recycle where possible. Not only does this prevent waste but also saves you money compared to removing old playground  equipment and replacing it with new. We draw upon over a decade of experience to help prolong the lifespan of your existing playground.

Playground equipment repair. New bridges and rockwall
Playground safety surfacing refurbishment

Our playground refurbishment services include

  • Sanding and repainting old playground equipment
  • Replacement of rotten timber components
  • Replacement of non-compliant components
  • Rope and net replacements
  • Replacement hand holds for rock walls
  • Safety surfacing repair and replacement
  • Decking and bench repairs

Over a decade of experience in playground refurbishment

Peak Playgrounds have been repairing and refurbishing playground equipment for over a decade. We have worked with several suppliers and are familiar with most manufacturers equipment.

Compliant fixtures and fittings are common to a wide range of manufacturers. In most cases we are able to use like-for-like components. If we are unable to do so, we have access to a range of reputable component suppliers who can provide high quality replacement ropes, hand holds, fixtures and fittings to get your playground looking like new.


If you spot a minor problem but there is no safety risk, please take some photos of the area of concern and contact us for advice. If you feel the equipment is no longer safe to use, please stop using the equipment immediately. A school or nursery may ask a supervisor to watch the children and prevent them from using the equipment. In a public space, the equipment may be cordoned off or a sign erected telling people to keep off until the issue has been rectified.


If your playground equipment needs urgent repair we offer a fast and responsive call out service. Our experts will inspect and repair any playground equipment you feel needs attention. We can also perform a full site inspection during the process to ensure your whole playground is safe to use.

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