Playground Safety Surface Installation & Repair

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Safety surfacing can be used in different ways depending on your needs and budget. We can provide both natural looking and bright coloured safety surfaces to give your playground a unique look.

We can provide the minimum amount of safety surfacing for your new play equipment or resurface your entire playground. The choice is yours!

We can also install a range of coloured wetpour graphics and painted playground markings if your budget is tight.

Free measurement and design service

Coming up with a great playground design always starts with some great ideas, we’d like to encourage you to get involved in the design process. We welcome your own design ideas and responses from the community and of course, the children who will be using your fantastic new playground.

As part of our design service we will assess your existing play surfaces to ensure that the correct type of safety surface is installed. Factors such as critical fall height and impact absorption will need to be calculated correctly for compliance with British Standards. Our experts will take care of this for you. We will arrange a post installation inspection will ensure that your new playground equipment and safety surfaces are safe to use.

Choosing the right surface for your playground

What types of Safety Surfacing are available?


wetpour playground safety surfacing

Made from bonded rubber granules and extremely impact absorbent. Available in a range of bright colours for equipment up to 3m tall (platform height).

Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground Safety Surfacing

Eco Safety Surfacing, Bonded Rubber Mulch is made from 100% recycled shredded rubber and coloured to look like bark. Provides excellent grip all year around.

Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Playground Safety Surfacing

Artificial grass looks great all year round and provides a clean, natural looking surface for play. Impact absorbing up to 3m (platform height).

Lawn Matting

Lawn Mat Playground Safety Surfacing

For grass areas, Lawn Matting is low cost and quick to install. It allows grass to grow through and great for busy playgrounds prone to mud. Suitable for equipment up to 3m tall (platform height).


bark and loose fill playground safety surfaces

High grade bark can be used as a loose fill safety surface and helps play equipment blend in to the surroundings. Loose fill surfaces compress over time and need to be re-filled periodically. We recommend Bonded Rubber Mulch as a lower maintenance alternative.

New, Repair or Replace?

Playground Safety Surfacing Services

New Playground Safety Surface Installation

wetpour installation

Peak Playgrounds can provide new Safety Surfacing as part of our installation service. We can produce complex designs to meet your needs. Seen something you like? Tell us and we will create a safety surface design inspired by your ideas.

New Safety surfacing for playground equipment

Our designers have over 10 years experience working to BS EN 1176 and 1177 – The key playground equipment and safety surfacing design/testing standards used in the UK. During your free design consultation we will measure your playground to ensure that your new play equipment will fit with the required minimum free space and fall space. If you would like bright colours we recommend using Wetpour to create a unique look. A more natural look can be achieved using Bonded Rubber Mulch.

We normally recommend the use of bonded surfaces rather than loose fill. Loose fill surfaces such as natural bark will compress over time making them less effective. They will require topping up periodically and can spill out into the surrounding areas. Bonded Rubber Mulch in brown provides a more stable surface with a natural look.

Safety Surfacing to cover your entire playground

Covering an entire playground is a fantastic way to brighten up tarmac and ensure the safety of children during play. We can install brightly coloured Wetpour, Bonded Rubber, Artificial Grass and Lawn Matting to cover large areas and create a unique design for your playspace.

During your free consultation we can advice on suitable safety surfaces, patterns and graphics. If you are working to a tight budget we recommend using the surface colours to divide up the space. So rather than covering the entire tarmac, leave some exposed with bright colours to contrast tarmac. Tell us your ideas and we’ll help put together a great design for your playground.

Safety Surface Repair & Refurbishment

wetpour repair and installation into existing wetpour

If you have an existing play equipment or existing surfacing showing signs of wear we can help restore them. In a majority of cases we can spot repair safety surfaces to ensure they perform correctly. In some cases we can lay bonded rubber mulch directly over an existing surface, removing the need for expensive groundworks.

Replacement of existing safety surfacing

Replacing existing surfaces is a great way to improve your playground while keeping costs down. If your existing safety surfacing is showing signs of wear and the effects of British weather we can completely replace the existing surface. if the foundations are sound then the cost of replacement will likely be less than the initial installation cost (like for like). If playground equipment installed into the surface is still in good condition then surface replacement is a great way to brighten up your playground without the added cost of new equipment. Our free design and consultation service will be able to tell you if your existing equipment is still compliant with the latest equipment standards.

Safety surfacing repair after equipment removal (spot repairs)

If you are removing old equipment from your playground then the areas where the playground legs meet the ground will need repairing. We can make the surface good and spot repair these areas – remove any trip hazards. A spot repair is ideal for play areas renovations on a small budget. It can be tricky to get an exact colour match for existing surfaces as they will fade slightly over time. We recommend using wetpour graphics to mask these areas where possible and can advise on your options.

We normally recommend the use of bonded surfaces rather than loose fill. Loose fill surfaces such as natural bark will compress over time making them less effective. They will require topping up periodically and can spill out into the surrounding areas.

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