Playground Equipment Inspection Services

We take the safety of our playground equipment seriously. The safety of children on a playground does not solely depend on the initial design of the site and selection of equipment. Peak Playgrounds can undertake routine and operational inspections on your behalf. Post-Installation Inspections are arranged through an independent third party organisation to ensure your playground is safe for use.

Our routine inspection service is ideal for local authorities who manage public playing fields, schools, nurseries and unmanned locations.

Ongoing maintenance and regular inspection is essential to ensure that your playground can be enjoyed safely by children. Think of it like checking the smoke detector at home – If it isn’t working as it should then it must be repaired or replaced.

According to ROSPA there is no specific legal responsibility to provide inspection and maintenance programmes for playground equipment however they are recommended by the Department of National Heritage and Welsh Office, the British Standards Institute, the Health and Safety Executive, Insurers and RoSPA. In the event of an incident your insurer may not cover you if someone is injured when using damaged or dangerous playground equipment. Playground managers have a legal and moral responsibility to care for children playing on their site and at the same time they need to meet the expectations of parents.

Inspections should be carried out to BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177 safety standards. BS EN 1177 is solely for the testing of impact absorbing surfaces. All other safety surface requirements and playground design recommendations are contained within BS EN 1176.

How often should a playground be inspected?

Routine Inspections

We recommend that a routine inspection is carried out weekly as a minimum. A routine inspection can be carried out by the site manager or appointed representative and looks at the basic condition of the equipment. Faults, defects or vandalism should be noted. Routine inspections should be recorded in a log book or inspection sheet and kept as proof.

Operational Inspections

An operational inspection ensures the equipment is functioning as it should. Minor wear, vandalism and the integrity of any components should be recorded. A manager or appointed staff member can carry out these checks. Operational checks are normally carried out quarterly.

Annual Inspections

An annual inspection should be carried out by an independent certified playground inspector. Vandalism, minor and major wear, long term structural problems and changes in design practice and safety standards are all included. Peak Playgrounds work with the Playground Inspection Company to provide reputable annual inspections for customers. Without an annual inspection your insurer may not cover you in the event of an incident.

Is a post-installation inspection included?

Once your playground equipment and shelters have been installed they will be thoroughly inspected by an independent playground inspection company. After the inspection the inspector will provide a report and certificate of conformity to BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177. If any defects or recommendations are made, we will provide a solution as quickly as possible.

The playground equipment will then be ready for safe use.

What should I do if I spot a problem?

If you spot a minor problem but there is no safety risk, please take some photos of the area of concern and contact us for advice. If you feel the equipment is no longer safe to use, please stop using the equipment immediately. A school or nursery may ask a supervisor to watch the children and prevent them from using the equipment. In a public space, the equipment may be cordoned off or a sign erected telling people to keep off until the issue has been rectified.

Peak Playgrounds offer a play equipment repairs and maintenance service, we can provide temporary barriers if required so please contact us if you need assistance.

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