Our Playground and Outdoor Play Area Services Are Ideal for Schools and Councils

If you're a school or council administrator and you'd like to access high-quality outdoor play area services, you should know that we offer an extensive inventory of safe and well-made designs. We price our services affordably, with a mind to helping our clients get exactly what they need, even when school and council budgets are tight.

We have a retail outlet in Matlock, Derbyshire and we encourage you to reach out to our outdoor play area experts if you have questions about our services. At Peak Playgrounds, we are proud to provide professional services which are delivered promptly, by polite and professional technicians. When you choose us, you may select your preferred services.

Learn About Our Services

We are pleased to offer comprehensive services, including

playground installations playground repairs playground inspections playground maintenance playground refurbishment playground surfaces

Choose the services that you need or take advantage of all of them in order to ensure that your school or council is a perfect place for children to play. To complement our services, we provide children's playground equipment which is top-notch. If you need new equipment, we have it on hand, from pirate ships to play nets to castle play towers and beyond. Our superb selection allows us to create personalised play places for UK clients, which have all of the features that kids love!

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Whether you want us to take care of things from scratch or upgrade or inspect a current outdoor play area, we hope that you'll get in touch today. We are standing by in order to offer you premium services for fair prices. As well, we will make sure that you enjoy a truly pleasant customer service experience. Our team members really care about our clients.