Tangle Play Panel - supplied and installed by Peak Playgrounds, the specialists in Playgound Installations and Outdoor Play Areas for Schools and Councils throughout the UK.

Tangle Play Panel

Complete your play space by adding some play panels and activity panels. Our panels add sensory and imaginative play to your playground -adding play value.

The Tangle Play Panel is essentially our version of the famous "Twister" game. This panel should be installed into a surface that can have corresponding coloured discs painted onto the floor to complete the game.



  • HDPE panel construction
  • Easy to spin pointer
  • Multi-coloured plant-on graphics
  • Requires either a twister mat, painted or safety surface discs on the floor near the panel - can be provided.
  • Available with wooden or recycled plastic posts
  • 2 sizes available: 800x595mm or 1200x800mm

Tangle Play Panel