PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Play Panel - supplied and installed by Peak Playgrounds, the specialists in Playgound Installations and Outdoor Play Areas for Schools and Councils throughout the UK.

PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Play Panel

Complete your play space by adding some play panels and activity panels. Our panels add sensory and imaginative play to your playground -adding play value.

The PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Panel is a fun activity combining a rotating hour hand of the clock with some simple electronic interactive sounds that will give the children many hours of fun to play with.
There are 3 electronic sensor pads to activate, the 'set the times' sensor - when this is touched the panel will announce a random generated o'clock time which the children can set the clock hand to and play the corresponding number of 'cuckoos' to match the time
the 'cuckoo' sensor - plays one 'cuckoo' each time it is touched, this is so the children can generate their own number of 'cuckoos' to match the time they have set on the clock themselves or the random generated time from the first sensor and the 'counting cuckoos' sensor - when touched it will generate a random number of 'cuckoos' which the children can count and then set the clock to that time and/or announce the time themselves.
This game is supplied to run off battery power as standard, however you can specify this unit with a mains power adaptor for hard wiring and also solar power is available.


  • HDPE panel construction
  • Rotating hour clock hand
  • Sound including 'cuckoos' and narrative times
  • Stainless steel touch sensor activation
  • Ultra-reliable commercial grade electronics
  • 3 year electronics guarantee
  • Available with wooden or recycled plastic posts
  • 2 sizes available: 800x595mm or 1200x800mm

PlayTronic Counting Cuckoos Play Panel