Balance Beams - supplied and installed by Peak Playgrounds, the specialists in Playgound Installations and Outdoor Play Areas for Schools and Councils throughout the UK.

Balance Beams

Get fit outdoors with Peak Playgrounds range of outdoor gym equipment. Suitable for parks, schools and recreational grounds, exercising outside has never been easier.

Build your own gym or gym activity trail by placing the items along a path or running route. Equipment includes upper body, lower body and core workouts.

Custom designs and layouts available on request. Please contact us.


Fitness Balance Beams

These simple, low height, floor mounted bars are remarkably effective for a range of activities for all ages. Use for balancing exercises or for "bunny-hops" over them, either straight back and forth or as a slalom exercises along their length.

Our Outdoor fitness products are designed to meet or exceed European standards EN1176 and EN16630 for your peace of mind. Please contact us if you require more information

Balance Beams